Old Main (aka Tillman Hall), Clemson University
Photo Credit: Kimberly Paul

We are a Creative Inquiry team at Clemson University.

The Mary Bruce Project is an undergraduate-driven research team supported by the Clemson Creative Inquiry Program.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Paul, Dept. of Genetics & Biochemistry

MBP Team Members:

Hunter Gentry (2022) Genetics with Minors in Psychology and Biochemistry

Samah Malik (2021) Biochemistry

Aimey Jimm (2021) Biological Sciences

Caitlin Hall (2021) Biological Sciences with a Minor in Genetics

Emma Chapman (2022) Biological Sciences

Lauren Earhart (2021) Health Science with a Minor in Genetics

Noelle Shorter (2025) Genetics with Minors in Music and Biochemistry

Lillian Mergen (2024) Genetics with a Minor in Biological Sciences

Alexys King (2024) Microbiology with a Minor in Psychology

Halee Lott (2024) Biochemistry with Minors in Anthropology and Biological Sciences

Piper Lin (2024) Biochemistry with Minors in Social Clusters and Biological Science